Improv. Asterisk Block Tutorial


I could have sworn there was a tutorial for this block somewhere out on the web, but I can't find one, so here is my own tutorial for a 12 inch square Improvisational Asterisk Block.  I think a whole quilt of these would be amazing!  (You might also want to check out this Shattered Glass Block Tutorial or this Basic Asterisk Block Tutorial).

To get started:

  • Cut 3 strips approx. 18 inches long and 1.5-2 inches wide

  • Cut 1 square approx. 14 inches to a side

Cut the square in half on the diagonal.

Place one strip between the cut edges.

Sew the strip to each cut edge.

Cut the square in half again at a different angle.

Sew the second strip in between the cut.

Be careful to line up your first strip on either side of your new strip.

Cut the fabric in half again where the two strips intersect.

Sew the last strip to either side of the cut.

Press and trim to 12.5 inches square.

Done!  Easy as pie!

Tune in later to see the finished quilt and have a Very Merry Christmas!