Hi There,

I am going to outline - in plain English - what sort of data is collected when you use this site.


There are ‘Cookies’ from both Squarespace and Google Anayitics that help me know how and when my site is being used and what areas are performing well, or poorly. I use this information to update my website and determine what kind of content to post. I don’t want to post stuff you don’t want!


I collect emails (given voluntarily) and use them to send out my newsletter, which contains news about new patterns, tutorials, and sales. I will never spam you and won’t sell your email address to third parties. I use Mailchimp to handle my email and it is easy to unsubscribe by hitting the unsubscribe button found on the bottom of every email. I also use the analytical information in Mailchimp to see the percentage of people who open or click on links in my emails. This gives me an idea of the content you find interesting and useful.

Affiliate Links

I will very occasionally use affiliate links. That means that I would receive a small commission if you clicked through and purchased the product. I’m never going to link to anything that I am not 100% behind.


I use Stripe and PayPal to collect and process payments. They will need to collect information to process your purchase.

Who I Work With

You can find the privacy policies of the companies I use to run this site below. While no site can ever be 100% secure, these are high quality companies committed to keeping your data safe.


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