Block 10 - Tiny Piecing Sampler


I really love this block. I think the fun floral fabric is the main reason I like it so much. It’s a scrap that I have held onto for years, just waiting for the perfect project. And now I finally used it! This week, while going through your scrap basket, keep an eye out for larger scale prints you can incorporate.

The instructions for 6” and 12” blocks are a bit different this week. The diagrams for the 6” block are on the left and the diagrams for the 12” block are on the right.


(Here are the links for all the other blocks in the Tiny Piecing Sampler and the Shop where you can purchase the Scrappy Triangle foundations.)



6” Block

(4) 2” Scrappy Triangles

(1) 2 1/2” square from background fabric
(1) 4 1/2” square from print fabric

12” Block

(6) 3” Scrappy Triangles

(1) 3 1/2” square from background fabric
(4) 3 1/2” squares from lime print fabric
(5) 3 1/2” squares from aqua print fabric

tiny piecing 10-1.jpeg
  1. Lay out all block units as illustrated above.

tiny piecing 10-3.jpeg

2. For the 6” Block, sew the top row of Scrappy Triangles and background square together. Press towards the square. Sew the two side Scrappy Triangles together. Press towards the bottom of the block.

3. Sew the side Scrappy Triangles to the 4 1/2” print square. Press towards the square.

tiny piecing 10-5.jpeg

4. For the 12” Block, sew all units together into rows.

tiny piecing 10-4.jpeg

5. For both blocks, sew the rows together and press towards the bottom of the block.

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