Block 7 - Tiny Piecing Sampler


Alright, we are easing back into the New Year with this block. It's simple, but classic and fun. I used four different Scrappy Triangles, but you will be able to get some really fun effects by making four identical triangles. Each Scrappy Triangles foundation will make it's own unique secondary pattern when four are placed together. Play around and try out different options!

The 12" Block option is simply made with four of these 6" blocks. More chances to see what you can make!

(Here are the links for all the other blocks in the Tiny Piecing Sampler and the Shop where you can purchase the Scrappy Triangle foundations.)



6" Block
(4) 3" Scrappy Triangles

12" Block
(16) 3" Scrappy TrianglesSchedule

7-Tiny Piecing Sampler 1.jpeg

1.  Arrange four 3" Scrappy Triangles so the pieced sections are pointing inward.

2.  Sew together into rows. Press seams open.

3.  Sew rows together. Press seams open. The 6" block is finished!

4.  For the 12" block, repeat to make a total of four.

7-Tiny Piecing Sampler2.jpeg

5.  Sew the units together into rows. Press seams open.

6.  Sew rows together. Press seams open.

That's it!

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