Help People Impacted by Hurricane Dorian

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The pictures of the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian are unbelievable. It's crazy that I am sitting here writing a blog post while people are trying to figure out where their family members are and how to rebuild their homes and lives. It's hard to wrap my mind around and hard to want to help, but not be in a position to do much. I'm sure you have had the same feelings.

But we can do something!

Honestly, money is the best way we can help. Organizations with feet on the ground and supply distribution lines can use the funds to quickly and effectively meet the needs they see.

I decided to donate but I thought, what if I can make this bigger? What if I donate the proceeds from this weekend's sales? (Sept 14-15, 2019) That would involve more people, raise more money, and help more people! And what if some other designers did the same? So I asked around and Kris Driessen of PhoebeMoon Designs is joining in too!

PhoebeMoon Designs will donate all the proceeds from their quilt pattern sales this Saturday and Sunday (Sept 14-15, 2019) to AmeriCorps. You can find all the quilt patterns here. (So many great ones!


I will donate all the money raised from pattern sales this Saturday and Sunday (Sept 14-15, 2019) to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy's 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund. The CDP is a very highly rated charity and their disaster fund will be used to continue to help people and communities recover from both short and long term effects from hurricanes this year.


But don't click over and buy right away, ok? Wait until tomorrow. Put it on your calendar, set an alarm on your phone, whatever it takes. :)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support!

Together we can do amazing things!

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