10 Carrot Quilt Patterns and Projects

The idea for this Scrappy Carrots mini quilt started a few years ago when a friend who had lived in the Middle East was over for dinner. He was helping us chop vegetables, and somehow we got to talking about how vegetables are shaped differently depending on the country. US plant breeders have focused on long narrow varieties while, in other countries, carrots are quite think and chunky.

Because all things make me think of quilting, I thought it would be fun to draft foundation paper pieced Scrappy Carrots in all different sizes. (Learn how to paper piece here.) We all come in different sizes and so does veg. :) You can find my My Scrappy Carrots pattern at Dairy of a Quilter where I recently guest posted and shared 3 Tips for Successful Foundation Paper Piecing. Head on over to read it, download the pattern, and say hi to Amy!

After it posted, I started to wonder, how many carrot quilt patterns are there? Turns out there aren’t tons, but perhaps more than you would think, given the subject. :) I am linking to my 10 favorite carrot inspired quilts and projects below. Click on through to check them out!

  1. Vegetable Patch Quilt at Purl Soho

Alright, this one has more veggies than just carrots, but I thought it was so cute that I had to include it. It uses raw edge appliqué to attach the veg to the background and I think it would come together quickly. (Plus, it’s so darn cute!) Find the pattern at Purl Soho.


2. Carrot Quilt Block by Kristina at Center Street Quilts

I love this block. I would be really easy to make a bunch of these quickly. (A bunch…get it?) Center Street Quilts’ Carrot Tutorial is super clear and well written. You can find the tutorial here. (Check out her bunny block, too!)


3. Carrot and Pea Pod Pattern by Burlap and Blossoms

This pattern by Burlap and Blossoms has me in cuteness overload. Seriously, those peas! She also has a Carrot and Beet pattern and an Easter patten bundle. All of her patterns are traditionally pieced, so if you aren’t a foundation paper piecing fan, you are in luck! You can find the Carrot and Pea pattern here.


4. Carrot Sticks Pattern by the Pattern Basket


I really may have to make this. I love the scrappiness and love that it can be Easter themed or harvest themed without being in your face about it. You can find the pattern here. She also has a great Strawberry Social quilt, too!


5. Paper Pieced Carrot Quilt Block

This block is similar to my Scrappy Carrots, but I really like the striped background in this one. Imagine using various shades of brown so it looked like it was underground! You can find the pattern at Block Central.


6. Carrot Quilt Block

This cute carrot uses a combination of traditional piecing for the stem and foundation paper piecing for the carrot. She even shows you how to make your own foundations! Find the tutorial on Objects of Design.


7. Fabric Carrots by Ameroonie Designs

Alright, we are moving out of quilts and into projects! These stuffed carrots by Ameroonie Designs would look great in an Easter basket and would be a good way to use up odds and ends of fabric. You can find tutorial here.


8. Carrot Treat Bags by STITCHED by Crystal


To die for! I absolutely cannot show my 6 year old this picture or she won’t leave me alone until we make one for everyone she knows. (She is super into holidays and birthdays!) The tutorial is by Crystal and you can find it here on make it-loveit.com.


9. Carrot Garland by Bugaboo City


No sewing machine? No problem! This garland doesn’t need one. I think this is a project that I could do fairly easily with my kids! Super cute and very straight forward. Check out the great tutorial at Bugaboo City.


10. Scrappy Carrots


Last but not least, my Scrappy Carrots! You can find and download the paper pieced pattern here.

10 Carrot Quilts and Projects.jpg

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these projects and have gotten some good ideas for your next carrot/Easter/spring/harvest or just for fun project!

Happy sewing!
X Leila


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