Reduce, Reuse, Wrapping Paper

No, I am not saying that one should very, Very, VERY carefully open presents and then fold and reuse the wrapping paper. What I mean is: Have you ever tried wrapping your presents in fabric? So cute, so easy, so reusable. Such a good reason to stash more Christmas fabric. :)
American Jane fabrics

There are three major ways I wrap our presents:
  1. The Tootsie Roll - featured in green. Simply roll your present up and secure each end with ribbons.
  2. The BonBon - red. Place your present in the middle of the fabric and gather all the edges up into a bunch. Secure with ribbon.
  3. The Box Poof - in yellow. Wrap the fabric around your present. Secure fabric to box with tape. Gather the two loose sides up toward the middle of the box. Do a little tucking and arranging to get a great triangular flap of fabric. Secure loose ends in the middle of the box with ribbon. Give the top a poof and you are ready to go.
I keep a bit of wrapping paper on hand for presents that aren't for our family, but all of the presents that stay "in house" get wrapped in fabric. Give it a try!
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