2011 Plans and Projects

Elisabeth is hosting a linky party at her blog Don't Call Me Betsy today. The question? What are you planning to do in 2011?

I really want to finish off some projects that have been literally littering my closet:
  1. The 1930's BOM Quilt - this is the quilt that started my quilting journey 9 years ago and I think it is time it got finished. I got stuck on the borders and I am still not sure what I want to do. Some appliquéd vines and flowers would be awesome, but not realistic at this point. I've got to do some thinking.
  2. Scrappy Alternating 9 Patch - I started this 8 years ago and got hung up on trimming the blocks and not knowing how in the world I would quilt it even if I did finish it. I'm not really into the colors, but I know my daughter will like them.
  3. About 7 years ago I bought a whole bunch of Christmas fabric on clearance to make Christmas tree skirts. What a great money maker! Anyway...Now I have a tote of half finished Christmas tree skirts. I want to finish/gift/give away and basically get them out of here.
  4. 6 years ago I made a black and peachy/pink top out of a scrap bag I got at my LQS. Again, I got hung up on the border. I want to finish this and donate it. It is not really my style anymore but is still really pretty.
Wow, that is quite the timeline of ancient projects!
Here are the ones I want to finish from this year:
5. Quilt the Tree Quilt
6. Finish my Brother's Blue Quilt
7. Cousin Presents
8. Anna's Baby Quilt (and make a tutorial for it?)

Cut fabrics for Anna's quilt

Planned new projects:

9. Upholstery log-cabin
10. Kid's Crazy Quilt (quilt along?)
11. Twist on Tradition Bee (that I started!)
12. Finish Bee Improvisational Bee and suggest another round (or join/start another?)
13. Solid Drunk Love inspired lap quilt for the living room in colors inspired by this window. Oh yeah, and finish up those throw pillows too.

Oh yeah, and keep on working on my Grandmother's Flower Garden. I would like to have the top finished by the end of the year.

Hummm...That list is looking a little bit long but a girl has got to dream!
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