Christmas Present and Baby Tree Quilt

After the fiasco that was the quilting of my brother's quilt, I decided to make him this little drawstring bag for the sibling exchange. He is planning on serving as a missionary for the LDS (Mormon) Church starting this summer and I wanted to get him something he could use. What does every clean cut missionary need? A shoe shining kit - in the Cutest-Bag-Ever!

Seriously, not to blow my own horn but I couldn't stop ooh-ing and ah-ing over it. If he likes it half as much as I do it will make a good present.

I am finally getting my nephew's baby quilt in the mail. I wanted to get the coordinating Big Tree Quilt mailed with it, but I want Baby Andy to have his before he is two years old. :) I also sent a cute drawstring bag - perfect for carrying around snacks and toys as he gets older.

And which will only load upside down! Ahhh... I'll try again later!
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