Heather Ross Bag

 I finished this bag a few weeks ago.  I have been meaning to use my linen Heather Ross odds and ends to make a bag and finally got around to it.

I used the free Phoebe bag pattern.  I pieced each side on interfacing before cutting out the pieces.  That gave it a little extra weight and something to piece onto.  I knew the strap length was Way Too Short so I lengthened it....and had to do an awkward fix when the bag was finished because the strap needed to be shorter....like the length specified in the pattern.  

Note to self:

Follow the instructions the first time you use a pattern.  They may know what they are talking about.  :)

The back.

The first time I used it in public I felt kind of odd.  You don't see a lot of peach pieced HR bags out there.  I've gotten over it and it feels normal now.  And it is perfect for me.  It has my favorite fabrics and is the perfect size.  Not too big, not too small and it hangs just right on me.  I can see making another when this wears out.

If you are looking for a handmade Christmas idea this pattern might be a good idea.  If you didn't piece the panels it would go together pretty quickly.

I know in the next couple weeks people are going to start posting pictures of all the cute things they are making for teacher gifts.  While that is great, I decided a couple of years ago that I was just going to buy our teachers books.  Something they will be sure to use and that the whole class can enjoy - and something I can quickly buy in Amazon.  So, if spending 50 hours making teacher gifts isn't in the cards this year, buy the teachers in your life a book.  They'll love it!  :)

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