Dala Christmas Apron

Apron modeled by Aleah

I bought this super cute Dala horse fabric by Lecien a few years ago and have been trying to find the perfect project to use my perfect fabric in.  It was paralyzing.  So I decided to just bite the bullet last week and make something that I could use regularly.  I used the entire 1/2 yard to make this apron.  It has a 3" sash on the top and a 1-ish" border on the bottom.  The red dot was the perfect shade of red.  I Love It.  No regrets.

It has a nice big bow in the back and long ties.  They aren't as long on me cause I don't have a 20" waist.  :)   I sized the waistband so that the apron skirt ends at my sides.  I am going to enjoy using it year round.

In other news I put up the lights and ribbon today and the tree gets decorated tomorrow.  I really like Christmas lights and decorations.  We also went to Aleah's 5th grade Christmas choir concert tonight and it was one of the best kid concerts that I have been to.  They did a great job singing their holiday songs.

I hope you are having fun getting into the Christmas spirit too.