Too Sweet For Words

This afternoon my girls' friend A___-across-the-street (yes, that's what we call her) came over with a present for my girls.  Three little rag quilts!  My girls were tickled pink to have their own special quilt made by their favorite A___-across-the-street and  I was beyond touched.  I think only a quilter really understands the effort goes into making a quilt.

So I decided to interview seven year-old A____-across-the-street about her quilts.  (Pictures and interview posted with permission from her mom.)  I love kid interviews.  :)

Me - Why did you decided to make these quilts?

A - My mom had the idea because she wanted to make quilts and she promised me we could make them.

Me - So you made them together?

A - We made them nights we had free when I wasn't doing stuff.

Me - How did you decide on the colors?

A - My mom bought some gingerbread men fabric because we are going to make some for Christmas presents and she thought it would be nice to make some for the neighbors too.

Me - What was the funnest part?

A - Clipping the edges.

Me - Did you get to use the sewing machine?

A - Yes.

Me - Is there anything else you want to tell me about the quilts?

A - No.

A quilter in the making!  (and a new quilting friend across the street?)  I can't wait to get the quilts in the wash and all frayed up and fuzzy.

Thank you!!