Three Years, 250 Posts and a Giveaway

Yes, this is going to be the giveaway prize,
but first you have to suffer though some rambling and self introspection.  :)
Just keep scrolling down and down and down.
This is my 250th post!  And my first post was three years ago this month so it is time to celebrate with a giveaway!.    It seems bizarre that five years ago I didn't even know there were such things as quilting blogs and now, for better or worse, this blog and other quilt blogs are a significant part of my life.  I have spent a lot of time recently wondering if I am putting too much time into this quilting/blog thing.  Am a keeping a good family/quilt balance?  Am I driving my husband nuts with all the fabric strewn all over the house?  ;)

As I put together this post I realized the highlights of my blogging journey were when I was sharing and teaching.  I like to teach.  I love teaching "live" classes and I enjoy blogging and sharing how I make stuff.  It is extremely rewarding for me to have someone make something I wrote a tutorial for or say in a comment that they learned something.  I believe that teaching, sharing and connecting with others is a worthy thing, so I will keep piling fabric around the house.  :)

Humor me for a moment as we go on a trip down memory lane...

About 5 months after my first post I wrote my first tutorial for the Diamond Quilt.  I love the Diamond Quilt and I am currently using the tutorial to make a tree skirt.  (I've got to get sewing!)

A year later, I did several tutorials for The Moda Bake Shop.  (Amish Braid, Simple Drawstring Bag, Charming Christmas Ornaments and a Reversible Child's Apron.)  In the same spirit of sharing I wrote a post about the experience of becoming a "Moda Chef."  I had been pretty clueless/intimidated about the process and hoped by posting about my experience other people would feel more comfortable taking the plunge and applying to be a chef.

The most significant thing I have done on this blog is host the We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler.  Over a year of quilt block tutorials - 36 in all!  I have to admit that there were some weeks I thought "why am I doing this?" but it was totally worth it.  I learned Tons and I loved seeing everyone's blocks on our flicker group.   And the group is still active!  There are some people who recently found the sampler and are posting pictures of their blocks.  Yea!!

Blogging is all about sharing something you love with others who have the same passion.  Thank you so much for reading!  I love this space and the quilting community!

So at last, to celebrate 3 years and 250 posts I would like to share 10 fat quarters of some of my favorite prints - a rainbow assortment and some neutrals.  I even threw in some brown, a nod to Alison and her tireless promotion of brown.  ;)

  1. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment.
  2. If you follow the blog (thank you!), leave a second comment suggesting a good recipe.  I have been in a cooking rut recently.  I have a ton of ground pork/sausage in my freezer.  Any ideas?
I will ship anywhere and will pick a winner a week from today on the 6th of November.
Thanks again!

Giveaway Closed....

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