The AQS Show

On Wednesday I went to the AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines.  The highlight of the show was seeing Marlene's We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler on display.  Not only was it on display, but it won 2nd place in the bed quilt category!!!!  It know it is all her work, but I do have to admit to a feeling of pride and a quite a bit of "Hey, look!  That quilt is from my quilt along!"  :)

Here are Marlene and I in front of the quilt.  It was great to meet her and see all of the quilt details up close.  

Pick me up mom!  She later crawled up and down the aisles.
Our time together was interrupted as my darling children spilled a bunch of pretzels on the floor.  Good times.  I didn't stay at the show for long, but I did decide one thing as I looked at all of the quilts.  I want to use more color in my background fabrics.  I was really drawn to quilts with bright backgrounds.

White is my go-to safe choice and looks fresh and clean, but what about yellow?

 Or green?

 Or Red?

More yummy yellow?

Or Orange?

I think it is time to say, "I can do it!" and mix things up with new background colors.  What is your favorite background color?  What was the most crazy background color you have ever used?  I think mine is the scrappy black backgrounds in my Star Flowers quilt.  Yeah, I'm not very daring.  ;)