Christmas in October

Today, I am finally over my cold!  There is nothing like being sick to make you remember how wonderful it is to be well. 

 This Christmas I am bound and determined not to have piece of fabric wrapped around my tree.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I have had this quilt in my mind for over 2 years and this year it is going to happen.  I cut out all the diamonds last month and today I laid them all out.  I Love it!

When it is all done, the points will be cut off and it will look like this pink and yellow quilt  I made for my niece.  Before binding I will cut a hole in the middle and a slit in one side so it can fit around the Christmas tree.

Would anyone be interested in making it along with me?  Let me know.  I would be more likely to get it done if others were sewing along with me!  ;)

I also have plans to make a bunch of Christmas pillows for family gifts this year.  I am really digging those gnomes.    Here's to Christmas in October!  :)