WIP Wednedsay

Thanks so much for linking up with pictures of your sewing spaces.  It was fun to see them all!  And I didn't feel like a no-link-up-loser either.  :)

This is what my sewing space looks like today.  I am working on the borders for the Skill Builder Sampler quilts.  Aggh...  It seems like borders should go fast, but these are taking awhile.  They are top priority though because in two more days the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild is having a Sewing Day and I want to have these babies basted so I can quilt them there.  There is going to be plenty of space to spread out and I want to take advantage of it.  

I am so excited for the sewing day!  
I keep on asking my kids, "Do you know happens in two days?!?"  
Blank looks.  
"SEWING DAY!"  Squeal!!!  Jump up and down!
Rolled eyes and mom is crazy looks.

14 hours of sewing and socializing!  Heaven on earth...

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