Where Do You Sew? (and my first link up!)

I have spent the last week cleaning my sewing room.  Yeah, a week.  It had gotten so bad with fabric and projects everywhere that I couldn't work anymore...sad....and rather embarrassing.  

As I was putting fabric away I decided to just pull everything out of the cupboards and move the shelves to a better position.  This picture was taken about half way though the emptying of the cupboards - that's right - it was even worse before this.  I found so much forgotten stuff and threw away so much junk (four garbage bags full!).  Somehow the cupboards are still full...hum...  But many hours later...drum roll please...

....this is what I walk downstairs to...sigh...much better!  I thought about editing the pictures to take out the yucky unfinished ceiling and to fix the weird lighting, but that is just how my space is - a well painted oasis in the dingy depths of the basement.  :)

The woman who lived here before me had these artist hanging racks (anyone know what they really are?) that I use to hang up my quilt tops so they don't get all wrinkled.  So handy.

My high tech design wall is a cheap tablecloth nailed to the wall fuzzy side out.  My fabric is kept in those beautiful cupboards - love them!

I keep all my notions in a clear plastic shoe rack hung on the wall.  I recently started storing my small scraps in the pockets too.  Love it!  Now I might actually use them!

I keep most of my quilting fabrics that are more than a quarter yard folded and sorted by color in one cupboard.  It is hard to put something in the middle of a stack though.  I might need to rethink my storage but for now it is good.

Below that I have a pull out drawer that has my small cuts of fabric - anything fat quarter or smaller but too big to be in the scrap area.  The other cupboards are full of pillow forms, clothing fabric, backing, solids, patterns and fabric set aside for specific projects.

Next to the cupboards is my sewing area.  I also finally hung some of the mini quilts up this week too.  I love them!

I really appreciate the counter height area next to the sewing area.  Perfect for cutting.  I have all of my current works in progress out there in boxes so I will hopefully actually work on them.  Right now I just like going down there and and looking at the cleanliness.  :)

Now it is your turn.  Where do you sew?  What does your area look like right now?   Is it clean, messy, organized chaos?  Leave a comment or even better, link up with a photo.  I would love to see where other people do their sewing!

Ok, don't leave me hanging people...this is the first link up I have done (because I really do want to see where real people sew, not just fancy-dancy people).  Don't make me feel like No-Link-Up-Loser-Leila.  Go ahead and share a pic!   :)