My Happy Place

I don't know whether it was the abrupt transition from relaxing in the sun and listening to the waves on the beach to cleaning and listening to whining or the fact that it has been @#$*&! COLD here, but this has not been my best week ever.

Yesterday afternoon, I took some time to cut out teeny-tiny pieces of fabric for my civil war blocks. After dinner I stole away for a few minutes to start these wavy bee blocks for Jen who wanted wavy blocks using this tutorial. It was sooo calming.

I played around with cool colors.

And warm colors.

This morning I went back downstairs. The children were playing nicely and I just sewed and cut and sewed again. It was so therapeutic just to play with beautiful colors of fabric and see what I could make.

Somehow, while I am working I am able to just focus on what I am making and ignore all of the toys and scraps of fabric strewn on the floor. I just step over it all as I move from the sewing machine to the ironing board and back again.

I realized this morning that sewing is my happy place.
Thank goodness I can sew.
And thank goodness it will be in the 40's and 50's next week.
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