Every year my husband has to go on a few week long work trips to places like Chile, Mexico, Hawaii and Las Vegas. It's a rough job, eh? They really do work hard but I can't work up too much sympathy while I am stuck at home with 4 kids and a blizzard.

So this year we flew my mom up to watch the kids and I went with him for a week in Mexico. While he was out looking at corn, I lounged by the pool. I brought a bunch of hexagons with me but hardly touched them. Really it was just wonderful to be out in the sun.

In fact, I finished more flowers on the way home than I made my whole trip.

Because of a mix up, we got to the airport WAY too early. How early? Early enough for me to finish these two flowers by the time we finished our airport brunch at Carl's Jr.

The trip was so relaxing we may have to make it a tradition, but for now, back to reality!
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