WIP Wednesday

Hi there! Progress has been made this week, projects started and finished even. Here we go...

1. Ticker-tape Quilt - Aleah wanted to make a quilt for her 100th day of school project. We followed the instructions from the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along. It was a fun project to do together.

2. Colleen's Skirt - I bought this fabric at JoAnn's in September. I liked it because it has a bunch of colors and should go with almost any of her shirts. She was not cooperating so this is as good of a picture as you are going to get. :)

Good Progress

3. Civil War Quilt - I am caught up and finished making block #4 - Texas Tears

4. Grandmother's Flower Garden - I'm getting hexagons based and ready to take on my trip next week!

5. Crazy Quilt Blocks - I made 6 more blocks!

6. Pink and Yellow Diamond Quilt - This quilt for my niece-to-be has been laid out on my living room rug for almost a week, but half of it is sewn together now. I think it is coming together well. I love pink and yellow!

7. Big Tree Quilt - needs to be quilted
8. Cousin Sacks

Started - 2
Finished - 2
In Progress -6