Keeping the Sabbath Day Quilty: or I think I am now an over the top Mom

Friday, Aleah our Kindergartener came home with a note saying their class was going to celebrate the 100th day of school and asking that each child bring a collection/display of 100 things (100 Cherrios, marbles, pennies, whatever). I was working on a quilt at the table when Aleah came home and she grabbed some of my scraps and said, "100 little pieces of fabric!" How could I say no?

Over at the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along group they are making ticker-tape quilts. Basically, you glue your scraps of fabric onto your top piece of fabric, layer and sew around each piece about 1/4 inch in from the edge. The perfect project for Aleah's 100 pieces of fabric.

Friday night and Saturday morning, using the scraps from my hexagon quilt, we counted out 10 sets of 10 (you would think this would be easy, but it was the most painful part of the process). Life happened and we didn't work on it any more on Saturday.

Sunday morning our 10 year old asked if the quilt was going to be ready for school on Monday. I said the party wasn't on Monday (who would give parents only a few days warning?). I checked the note. They were suppose to bring them in on Monday. Augh!!

Now, I know this might seem silly, but we try to keep Sundays low key around here - a day for Church and family. As part of that I made the decision long ago that I wouldn't sew on Sunday (except for handwork, a girl has to have something!). But yesterday I broke down.

The morning was spent gluing. My husband worried that this was going to turn into "my" project, but Aleah glued over half of the fabric pieces and I only moved ones that strayed too close to the edge or where there were three of the same fabric really close together.

After dinner Aleah sat on my lap and we free motion quilted around each piece.
(I love that little face in the corner!)

Even Dad took a turn.

After the kids were in bed I bound the edge. It is sooo cute. I was going to take a picture of Aleah and her quilt this morning, but someone decided she was going to have a meltdown because her black sweater wasn't clean and it wasn't a photo shoot moment. You'll have to take my word for now, because it is still at school.

I was so proud of Aleah - for making the quilt, Not for screaming about her sweater for a half hour - and am glad she is taking an interest in sewing.

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