I Love My Quilty Friends!

The best part of belonging to a local quilt guild is having great "real life" "geographically compatible" friends who like quilting as much as me.  Last week we had a sewing day (so much fun!) and when I was almost finished with this pillow cover I discovered that I hadn't cut all of the gray text pieces.  !!!!  Worse, I didn't have any of the gray fabric left.  I tried to source it online and in the LQS where I bought it two years ago, but no luck.

But you know what?  Minutes after posting this picture on Facebook asking if anyone had any light gray text from Sunkissed by Sweetwater I had responses (yea and nay) coming in.  It is great to have people who don't think you are crazy for knowing the name and designer of a fabric line and it is super great to know someone who would drive out of her way to give you that 8" square of fabric you need.  Thanks Tricia!

I really can't explain why it meant so much to me or how I felt to have all these women respond to my post willing to help.  I cherish my interactions with them and the friendships we have built over the last four years.

So, if there is a guild near you check it out.  Volunteer to help so you can get to know people.  It is worth the time and the energy.  Quilty friends are great friends to have.

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