Best 100 Day Project Ever!

Last Wednesday was the kids' 100th day of school.  The younger kids had fun activities all day centered around counting to 100 and as part of the 100th Day festivities our 7 year old had to bring a project made with 100 of something.

This year we made a fun and fast garland with 100 paper circles.  (Not a ticker tape quilt like last time!)  All the kids wanted to make one and they were able to punch out the circles by themselves and count them out into 10 sets of 10.  I bought the 2" EK Tools Circle Punch.  It was easy for the kids to use and when we used it upside down, they could see if the hole was completely covered by paper.  After the punching, the sewing started.

I love the idea of teaching my kids to sew, but when it comes down to it I am just not patient enough.  This was the perfect project for them to sew all by themselves.  The garland is so forgiving.  You just have to sew kind of in the middle of each circle of paper and just keep feeding them in.  It was good practice for getting the feel of how the pedal works and how the sewing machine feeds the paper/fabric through.The 7 and 10 year old sewed their circles together independently and I controled the foot pedal for the 5 year old.  She was too short to reach and didn't want to sew standing.

The kids have hung their garlands in their rooms and they look so fun and festive.  I love projects that they can successfully complete themselves.  It's a win-win.

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