What's Going On

So this afternoon after wrestling with an uncooperative computer, I sent out the first installment of the At the Fair Mystery Block of the Month.  The block on the left is my coloration and the block on the right is the coloration of the original tile block at the fair grounds.  If you would still like to sign up click on over to my Etsy shop and the first month's files will be immediately available for download.

 Earlier this month I was able to go and visit friends in New York City.  I brought some English paper piecing to work on during the flight and got one of their girls hooked on it.  We decided to go to the fabric district to look for some fabric for her to work with.  (I wanted to go anyway.)  Most of the shops carry apparel fabric (there was one street with 4 spandex stores!) but we asked in one shop if they had any remnants we could buy and the owner gave my cute little friend some fabric for free.  While wandering from shop to shop I realized that I need to sew more.  There are so many wonderful things to make and beautiful fabric (and trim!) to make them out of.

A bank facade inside the museum.  The street lamps use to stand outside the Met until the lights were updated. 

I think my favorite part of the trip (aside from just hanging out with my friends) as visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It was AMAZING!  Some of my favorite things were seeing all of the real rooms from different time periods.  The Met is immense.  I kept saying I was going to leave and then I would get sucked into "just one more exhibit".  I really liked the exhibit of mourning dresses from the 19th and early 20th century.  And I got a new quilt idea from a jade (?) piece of art found in an Egyptian tomb. 

Then I was home again just in time for Christmas.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year's celebration!