Scrap Hexagons

I finished going through all of my small scraps (less than a fat 1/8 of a yard) and cut them all up into hexagons.  It is kind of fun to see what fabric I use the most of.  I have tons of red, pink, yellow, aqua, green and black/gray but I was surprised how little blue and orange I had.

I decided to try something different with this English piecing project.  I am making overlapping large hexagons.  The overlap will keep things interesting and will help to use up odd numbers of hexagons.  I am really liking it so far.  I don't know if there is such a thing as improvisational English paper piecing, but I think it will be a lot of fun to make up the design as I go along.  I am aiming for a lap sized quilt.

I set aside all of the strips that were too small to cut hexagons out of.  They range from 1-2.5" and are 4-42" long.  They would be perfect for a string quilt, but I don't think I am going to get to that any time soon.  So, if you would like them, leave a comment and I will send them to you.  (First come, first serve.)

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