The Blocks Are In The Mail!

I finally found a box large enough, packed the blocks for Soy Amado Project up and sent them to Alison today.  There were 101!  And they were all wonderful.  Thank you so much!  (To learn more about the project read here and here.)

If you want to keep sending me blocks, I will keep collecting them from American quilters and sending them to Alison as soon as I have enough.   (Canadians can send them to Kristy and all others should send blocks directly to Alison.)  Email me (lmgardunia at yahoo dot com) for my address and pitch in a few dollars for the final shipping to Alison.  It is much more affordable to send over a large package of 101 blocks than 25 packages of 4 blocks.  The cost to ship this package averaged 85 cents per block.  Not too bad.

If you make a few blocks, sending them to me would be the most cost effective.  If you have a larger number of blocks (20 or more) it would probably be less expensive to send them directly to Alison.  If in doubt, take your unsealed package to the post office and get the price to send it to Alison and the price to send it to me.  If the cost of sending it to me, plus 75 cents to a dollar per block (in cash - I am awful about cashing checks) to help with the final shipping is cheaper than sending them directly to Alison then enclose the shipping money and send them to me.  If not, seal and send directly to Alison.

Thank you all for participating!  If you want to send prepared strips for the final QAYG piecing or binding I will send those too.  (Use the measurements Alison outlines in this post.) I am sure Alison would appreciate it.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  It is raining here, but that is good because it means I don't have to work in the garden.  :)