Zipper Pouches

I taught a class this month at our church's Christmas Craft Night.  I am a firm believer that everyone should sew ;) so I suggested making zipper pouches as one of the activities.   I based them off of The Circle Zip Ear Bud Pouch - except that we used a 5x7 piece of fabric, no batting and zig zagged around the inside seam instead of  top stitching around the edges.

Here are two zipper pouches made by a mother and daughter team.  Love them!  They even went back and made a second set of pouches.   I love the bright contrasting zippers and pop of color on the inside.  Perfect for crayons, cars, IPods and all your special stuff.  The only bad part was that I missed out on taking the Learn How to Knit class. :(   But that is probably a good thing.   Goodness knows I don't need another hobby.  ;)

I have been trucking away at making Christmas pillows, quilt and tree skirt but things slowed down when I ran into trouble with my machine.  $%^#?^!  I was very frustrated with it, but we seem to be doing better.  Note to the wise:  when oiling your machine be careful not to get oil on the belts.  Not good.

Hope you are having a great weekend and can find some time to sew!  :)