My Tree Quilt

This week my kids watched a bunch of TV, ate picnics outside (because the table was covered in fabric!) and my house looks like a tornado hit it, but

I made a quilt in one week!

 I had planned to enter this quilt into the State Fair and realized Tuesday that the due date was


Saturday not


Saturday!  I didn't think it was possible, but I finished it and turned it in with 15 minutes to spare.  :)  

I am loving it.  I think tree quilts are my thing.  I think it is the only type of quilt I have made multiple times.  The original

Tree Quilt

, the

Baby Tree Quilt

, the 

Commissioned Tree Quilt

and now


Tree Quilt. 

 I quilted it by writing the names of different trees across the quilt.  More closeups later.  The backing was some vintage cloth from my friend's grandmother's stash.  In fact, I didn't have to buy anything for this quilt, which was good because I didn't have time to run into town.  :)  The cut down tree was the idea of my friend


.  I love it!

I also turned in my circle of geese block for the Quilt Block competition.  I reduced the pattern by 75% so that it met the 9.5 inch size requirement.  I love this pattern!   Wanting to make a circle of geese block was what motivated me to learn how to paper piece last year.

Now I am going to take a deep breath, relax and clean the house.  ;)