QuiltCon Post #2

Before going to QuiltCon I felt rather obligated - in a good way! - to make some cool, handmade stuff to take.  I used some fabric from the Heather Ross Fabric Swap I hosted last fall to make this awesome triple-zip bag to hold my English paper piecing  (tutorial found here) and sunglasses case.  I made the case much like this tutorial, except I added a magnetic snap and decorative button and stitching.  Love!  And I love that I had to use the sunglasses even more!

 I also finished binding this quilt for Becca to use.  It almost didn't make it - I literally pulled the quilt out of the dryer and stuffed it into my bag minutes before going to the airport.  But man, I love all of those rainbow colors.

Becca had fun playing on it during some of the lectures at the conference.  She also had fun playing with my show pass and name tag.

I made this name tag a few weeks ago to take too.  I am loving the thread on the sewing machine!  I'm not keen on the bow, but it was necessary to cover a stain.   Not as many people at the conference had quilted name tags as I had expected.  My husband thought I was kidding when I mentioned that it was encouraged in our local guild to make a name tag to wear at the meetings - we're a crazy bunch!

I hope you aren't sick of QuiltCon yet, because I have a few more posts to go and a small giveaway coming up next week!  Have a great weekend!