Part One - Done!

This month I finished up the main section of the Star Flower quilt!  I love how it looks so far!  I was on a roll and ready to add the borders, but when I went to buy some more of the black fabric at Joann's I discovered that it was out of stock!  Augh!  I bought it in the calico section - you know, the section where they stock the same fabrics for years and years? - so I assumed there would be more when I needed it.  The not-so-helpful salesperson said that they might get it back in stock but that it can sometimes take a month or more.  I checked out the other two Joann's in the area and they didn't have any either.

Who knows, maybe as I audition different fabrics for the border I will find something I like better anyways.  This might be the push I need to try something out of my comfort zone.  Or maybe my black fabric back in stock next month.  I'll let you know!  :)