Heather Ross Fabric Exchange

When I participated in a charm swap of Japanese fabric last year, I got a few Heather Ross prints in the mix and I LOVE them!  I decided that I wanted to feature a bunch of Heather Ross prints in a quilt, but buying a fat quarter of each of my favorites started to add up Very quickly.

So here is the plan:  A Heather Ross fabric swap!!

The Details:

  • Each participant will buy 1 yard of Heather Ross fabric.  It can be any of her old or new prints.
  • Fabrics acceptable to swap are all Far Far Away lines, West Hill, Mendocino, Munki Munki and Nursery Versery. Please no Spoonflower fabric so that the weight and fiber content will be consistent and no Crafty Chloe. 
  • They will cut the yard of fabric into sixteen 9x9 inch squares.  I will post a tutorial on how to do this.
  • They will mail the cut fabric and a self addressed stamped envelope to me by Sept 1st at the latest.  This date is non-negotiable as I will have a baby around the 13th of September and I want to have all of the packages mailed back before then.
  • If they wish to have the fabric mailed directly to me, I will cut it up but will keep the 4x36 inch scrap of remaining fabric as payment.   They will still need to mail me a self addressed stamped envelope (or teach me how to charge a payment though paypal - I am completely clueless).
  • I will mail out a package with sixteen different 9x9 inch cuts of Heather Ross fabric as soon as all the fabric is received. 
  • In order to make sure that none of the prints are duplicated, please post a picture of the fabric you purchase on the Heather Ross Fabric Exchange flickr group.  Prints in different colorways are ok - in fact, I would love to get all three color ways of the cowgirl fabric.  Please look at the flickr group page before hitting buy.
  • To sign up for the exchange, leave a comment below.  Make sure I have your email address so I can email you my address and communicate any other details to you.
  • There are 15 spots open for the exchange.
Let me know if I have forgotten any details.  I can't wait to see all of the beautiful Heather Ross goodness!

PS.  The Fat Quarter Shop has some Far Far Away III fabric on sale!

All spots have been filled.  If any open back up I will let you know!  Thanks!