Fair Firsts

Yesterday we went to the Iowa State Fair.  It was so much more enjoyable than last year.  Much cooler (only in the 70s!! Notice that they started the day wearing sweaters?) and my husband was able to come too.  I can't believe I took the kids by myself on a super hot day last year.  I must have been insane!

The first stop was the Fabric and Threads exhibit to check out the quilt block contest winners.  Here are all the blocks that were entered into the competition.  After the fair they will be made up into a quilt and raffled off at next year's fair.

Here is mine!  An honorable mention!  

I was quite proud to be in the top 6 blocks.  There were some real beauties.

The smocked dress I entered won a blue ribbon.  Which I am proud of ...but I think it was the only one in it's class (Child's Smocked Garment Size 3-12).  So if you want to win a ribbon with minimal competition, the smocked category is for you!  ;)

Another first was our 3 year old deciding that she could go down the slide all by herself.  It was only 3 feet tall, but she was so proud (and so was I - going down the slide with her is getting very old).  She went down at least 30 times before we left the play ground area.

It was also our first time getting the free boiled egg on a stick.  Sooo much more fun than a regular boiled egg and everyone ate their yolks - another first.

We made it up to the Cultural Center for the first time this year.  We stuck around watching glass beads being made, pots being thrown and eating lunch long enough to participate in Art Attack (free art activities for kids).  I loved being up there in the courtyard.  The weather was lovely and it wasn't crowded at all -well compared to the rest of the fair.  Very relaxing.

Looking at and petting animals rounded off the day.  I love the little calves!  It was a lot of fun, but my belly and back were glad to rest on the couch for the rest of the night after a long day of walking around.  ;)

What is your favorite part of going to the fair?
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