Cheaper Than Therapy

 On Saturday we did not end up going to see the bison after all.  The preserve was much farther away than I thought and my husband had to work later than planned.  I was much more disappointed than the children.  I think I am feeling much more emotional lately than normal - I'll blame it on pregnancy hormones for now - and Saturday afternoon I needed a break, some sort of release.

 Completely mindless sewing was that release.  For over an hour I sewed together selvages that I had saved for the last year or two.  I just placed the finished selvage edge over a raw selvage edge and top stitched.  No thinking except to sort by color.

 It was so nice.  I loved being able to dig though the box of selvages and see so many "old friends" from different projects over the last two years.  Right now I plan to make them into a spool quilt kind of like this one - but a different layout.  Anyway, after some mindless sewing I felt much better about life.

 Yesterday, after a frustrating morning, more mindless sewing was in order.  I started with a bunch of 5 inch squares and some gray strips and just started sewing them together, cutting them apart and sewing them back together again.  Then I surrounded the monster I had made in white.  I think it is one of the ugliest things ever.

It looks like a coffin from this angle.  Maybe I'll call it "Death by Quilting."  ;)  The poor unfortunates at QuiltCon are going to receive this as a block submission.

Will it make it into the raffle quilt?  No.
Be featured on the Modern Quilting Blog?  No.
Thrown out?  Yes, if they are wise.  :)

But it helped me relax and feel better after a busy, stressful morning, so it did it's job and that's what is important.