Hey Girl...

My husband has definitely had to do this before, poor guy.
I have gotten a kick out of the handmade Ryan Gosling pics that have been floating around blogland.  I just found an old Quilt Dad's post today full of tons of Gosling-isms that were shared on Twitter in December.  I thought I was going to die laughing reading through all of them.

The funny thing is that I do ask for and expect a level of absurd interest from my husband and boy does he have to put up with something bordering on quilt obsession from me.

"oooo...look at this new line..."  "What do you think, are my quilts more traditional or modern?"  "What do you think about this block?"  And goodness knows that I show him everything I made during the day when he gets home from work.  :)   And ignore him while I write very important blog posts.

He really does an amazing job of being supportive of this obsession of mine.  So here is my guy...

 Ok, he hasn't actually said this, but he holds down the fort when I need to  disappear for awhile in the evenings.  Plus he is great about watching the kids while I go to guild meetings.

Actually said last year!

Ok, he really launched into the story of how he sewed his finger when he was little and that was the last time he used the sewing machine...but he gave it a go and I got a picture of it!

What crazy supportive things has your guy actually said to you?
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