You Rock!

When I threw out the Bonus Block Challenge I honestly didn't think anyone would do it - Hello?  An extra block during a busy summer?!?  But look at all the beautiful blocks that have been posted in our flickr group.  Amazing!  We need a Quilters' Got Talent Show!  Here is a sampling of the Bonus Block #1 (I think we will have to do this again).

1. SBS Challenge Block, 2. Design Block, 3. DIY Sawtooth, 4. Challenge- Block #4, 5. Bonus Block, 6. IMG_3147, 7. Gina's experiment with triangles., 8. SBS #4 - Challenge Block, 9. Block Challenge, 10. Quilt Block bonus, 11. P1180474, 12. Skill Builder - Bonus Block, 13. block 4 - design your own, 14. WCDI month 1 bonus block, 15. Skill Builder Challenge block 1, 16. bonus block - SBS Challenge block

There is still time to be entered in the giveaway for finishing all three blocks.  You get an extra entry for making a bonus block.  If you leave a "I finished" comment in the Quilt Math post it doesn't count.  It needs to be in the Giveaway post.  I don't think I am going to get around to picking a winner until tomorrow morning, so you still have a few more hours to finish your blocks!