Easter Dresses!

This winter I found some coordinating fabric on sale at my local quilt store and bought a bunch to make the girls Easter Dresses.

Colleen wanted pink and Aleah choose the blue fabric.  Their dresses use the same pattern.

Here's the back.  I didn't cut the sashes quite long enough, so we are going for the sailor knot look in back - I'm just going to pretend that I wanted it that way all along.

Emily choose the green fabric - of course.  Her dress was a simple A line.  She is tall and skinny, so I tried to alter the pattern - and made it too narrow through the shoulders and had to add the green sash to bring the waist down.  Ugggg.

Kate was stuck with whatever fabric had the most leftovers - blue with a green polka dot collar and pipping.  I knew the pattern ran big so I cut her dress a size smaller.  It could still fit a 4 year old through the shoulders.

Why am I so crazy about the fit?  I totally blame it on


.  She wrote a

series of posts on drafting

patterns last fall and now instead of just saying, "Wow, what a pretty dress I made!  It fits!"  I find myself analyzing


it fits.  She made a monster!

Here are all the girls together.   Kate did not want to be taken away from Daddy to pose for pictures.  On the bright side, this way you get to see her cute coordinating bloomers.  :)

More outtakes for your enjoyment.

Do you have any tricks for taking pictures of children?  :)