Make the 5" x 10" Scrappy Geese Blocks

Scrappy Geese Quilt Along.jpg

Welcome to the Scrappy Geese Quilt Along! Last week, we sorted scraps started cutting background fabric. Now, over the next two weeks, we will make twenty 5” x 10” Scrappy Geese and sew them together into 5 blocks.

But before we get started, I want to announce the winner of my fabric bundle/pattern pack. This person was randomly chosen from all of those who posted a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #scrappygeeseqalfabric. Drumroll….. It is @terrimariebee! I’ll be contacting her shortly! Remember you can see what everyone is making and cheer each other along by following and posting under the hashtag #scrappygeeseqal.

5%22 scrappy geese quilt blocks.jpg

Now that we’ve finished step one of picking out our fabric, we will be making the large 5” x 10” blocks, over the next two weeks. I wanted to start with the largest blocks, because then you will be able to use the scraps for the smaller blocks. Win, win! Let’s get started.

First, make the Scrappy Geese

  1. Print the twenty 5” x 10” Scrappy Geese foundations in the Complete Scrappy Geese pattern bundle. Measure the foundations to maker sure they have printed to size.

  2. Foundation paper piece all 20 blocks. (If you have favorites you can make them more than once, just make sure there are a total of 20 when you have finished.) If you are making each column of flying geese a different color, make four Scrappy Geese in each of your five colors.

  3. Use the twenty 7” background squares cut in half from corner to corner as the background triangles in the blocks. (Find all the background fabric cutting instructions here.)

Then sew the Scrappy Geese together into 5 quilt blocks

The blocks this week are made by sewing 4 Scrappy Geese together in a line, one on top of another, all pointing the same way. Easy peasy.

  1. Lay out the Scrappy Geese in columns of 4, all pointing the same way.

  2. Arrange by color, if desired.

  3. Sew together.

  4. Repeat to make 5 blocks with 4 geese in each block.

  5. Remove paper at the seam allowance and press.

  6. You can tear out some of the papers now, especially the ones in the seams. This will let you press the blocks more easily. You can also tear out any interior pieces, but leave all the papers around the edges of the block intact to prevent stretching.

  7. The blocks will measure 10 1/2” x 20 1/2”.

If you need a refresher on how to foundation paper piece, I’ve written up a step by step tutorial. It will guide you though step by step. And you can find the Scrappy Geese patterns here.

Giveaway from Mashe Modern


I am all about giveaways as incentives to keep on track. This week, the sponsor of the prize is Mashe Modern. Kristen, the owner of Mashe Modern, specializes in bright fun fabrics. She stocks Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Heather Ross, Giucy Giuce, Ruby Star Society, and more. So much beautiful fabric available in yardage or in bundles. You can find her online shop here and follow @mashemodern on Instagram too. Every social media feed needs more pictures of fabric, right? :)


She has donated this beautiful bundle of 14 fat eighths of Redux designed by Guicy Guice for our giveaway. The beautiful geometric prints work beautifully together or as blenders with any fabric line. If the winner lives in the US, they will receive this bundle, if outside of the US they will receive a gift certificate for $25, good towards anything in her shop. Yay!

To be entered to win:

  1. Finish piecing all twenty 5” x 10” Scrappy Geese

  2. Sew them together into five blocks

  3. Post a picture of your blocks on Instagram with the hashtags #scrappygeeseqal5” and #scrappygeeseqal and Pictures must be posted by midnight July 7th to be considered.

Even if you don’t win, we have something for you. Everyone can receive 10% off their next purchase by signing up for the Mashe Modern email list. You will be the first to know about sales, new releases, and preorders. To sign up and get your coupon code, click here, scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up. The coupon code will be emailed to you. Easy-peasy.

Have fun sewing geese this week! I can’t wait to see what you make!