Mt. Range Quilt Along - Week 1

Scrappy Mt. Range Quilt Along.jpg

It is Week 1 of the Scrappy Mt. Range Quilt Along! Are you ready?

This week we will be focusing on gathering scraps, precutting background fabric, and printing foundations. To get the full set of instructions, click below to sign up for the quilt along. Continue reading for an overview and additional information.

Over 600 quilters have signed up so far!

Needed Supplies:

  • Complete Scrappy Mountain Range Bundle of foundations. The mountains are foundation paper pieced and you will need to purchase the foundations in my shop.

  • Printer and paper (about 50 pieces)

  • 3 3/4 yards background fabric (can be scrappy if desired)

  • 3 yards total of scraps for the mountains (can be supplemented by yardage)

  • 1/3 yard for binding

  • 4 yards backing

  • A piece of batting at least 64” x 74”

This week is a great time to sort and press your scraps. Depending on how many you have, you might want to sort by both by color and size.

Printing Foundations:

You can print all the foundations now, or print as needed as we progress through the quilt along. Either option works well. I have provided a table in the instructions that will let you know which foundations to print. (The table is part of the instructions that will be sent to you when you sign up.)

Cutting Background Fabric:

I have also provided cutting instructions for the background fabric in the email I sent to everyone who has signed up. (Sign up here.) You can cut all the background fabric now, but I would recommend waiting. There are many pieces that are similar in size and it will be hard to keep them all straight.

I recommend cutting a couple strips of every width and then cutting the strips to the correct length as they are needed. This way, you won't have a hard time finding the correct piece. Plus, let's be honest, if you don't end up finishing the quilt right away, or want to make it smaller, you won't be stuck with a bunch of odd sized strips.


mashe modern fabric.jpg


Post a picture of the fabric you will be using on Instagram with the hashtags #MtRangeQALweek1 and #MtRangeQAL, and tag me to be entered to win a $20 gift card to Mashe Modern Fabrics. It's a great place to pick up some bright fun fabrics for your mountains. Pictures must be posted by midnight October 13th to be considered.

If you are unsure of how Instagram works and want to learn more, I wrote an in-depth post that covers how to set up an account, post pictures, use hashtags, and so much more. You can find it here.

Instagram Stories:

Every Monday by noon, I will post a video in my Instagram Stories. I'll walk you though all the things we'll be doing that week. This week and next week with be the most important to see. Even if you are not on Instagram, you should be able to see my Stories by clicking here. There will be little red/pink circle around my profile picture. Click on it and the video should play. I'll also save the videos in my Highlights (the circles below my profile), so you can watch them at any time. If all of what I just said sounds like gibberish, read through the Quilter's Guide to Instagram. It should clear it all up.

Looking Forward:

From there on out, we will be making two rows of the quilt each week. We'll start at the bottom with the largest blocks and work our way up. This will let us use the scraps from the large blocks in our small blocks. Yay!

I will send out instructions via email every Monday.

  • Oct 14-Dec 1 - Make two rows a week.

  • Dec 2-8 - sew rows together and celebrate!

I can’t wait to get sewing next week and to see all of your great blocks! Let me know if you have any questions.